One Shot
John and Amanda Kendrick had just returned to the states from Europe when the infection broke out. This strange disease was spreading like wildfire. Everyone infected was rising from the dead as a flesh hungry ghoul! The government fell apart at a breathtaking rate and chaos was spreading. The couple was expecting the birth of their first child anytime in the next six weeks. So finding safety was a must. Rumors were that the surviving government and military had set up a safe zone in Colorado. So the couple began making their way west. While traveling on foot and running out of supplies the Kendrick’s came across an old farmhouse one evening and seeing as it seemed abandoned they decided to hide out there and rest for a day or two. Even though all seemed quiet it was far from safe. Getting into the house just before dark they spent what time they could looking for supplies. Amanda found fresh water in the toilet tanks and they shared a can of beans that they found in the kitchen. They found a few other items of use as well… Candles, flashlights and such. The couple bedded down for the night to get some rest but after only four short hours of fitful sleep they were awakened to the sounds of gunshots from somewhere on the farm! Peeking out the windows John saw a cowboy looking man running across the yard. The lone figure stopped long enough to fire a couple of shots into the barn and then keep running for the house! He slammed into the front door screaming to be let in. The Kendrick’s let him in by way of the back door since they had used heavy furniture to barricade the front one. Once safely inside he introduces himself as Lucas Waller, a rancher from Texas. Said he’d been on the run for awhile making his way from town to town, helping save people wherever he could on his way to Colorado. He warned them that this property was crawling with walkers and then the three of them took down doors from upstairs and boarded up all the ground floor windows as best as they could. Finally able to sit and rest a bit he began to tell a most disturbing tale….. He had been helping a small community of survivors in a town ten miles north of here called Winterstown. A pregnant woman there had been bitten but kept it hidden. She went into labor a couple weeks early and died. Then the “thing” chewed its way out of her! It was a bit larger than a newborn, had dead skin, green glowing eyes and row after row of razor sharp teeth! It killed the midwife and her two helpers before anyone in town knew what had happened. The baby-thing could move about on its own and was fast! The worst of it was that every walker infected by the bite of this little monster became runners! Then Lucas found out something that even farther set this monstrosity apart from the other undead…. It was smart… not just smart but it could somehow organize and control other undead near it! The thing and its minions had been hiding out in the woods on the edge of this here farm. He had tracked them here before he realized how smart the thing was. He’d been at the farm for days now and every time he tried to get away the baby-thing had an ambush waiting. It seemed hell bent on killing Lucas. It didn’t take long for the moans of the undead to be heard from outside. The three of them went to an upstairs bedroom window for a better look. The realization of how dire their situation had become was about to set in. The baby-thing was on the lawn out by the barn with several walkers standing around him…. Making a clean shot impossible. The thing was directing mobs of walkers all around the house! Must have been more than a hundred of them! Lucas knew the thing wanted him but he wasn’t going down without a fight! He might not make it outta here alive but he would do what he could to give the Kendrick’s a fighting chance. They concocted a plan where he would give them a gun and save only a couple of shots in his own gun for himself. He would then start chunking fire bombs that they had made with household chemicals earlier at the mobs to draw them all to one side of the house. This would give John and Amanda a chance to get out the back and make a run for the old farm truck near the gas pump. They would most likely have to fight off a few stragglers but if they could make it to the truck, cut the hose and fuel it then they could make a run for Winterstown where they might be safe for awhile. The plan worked for the most part. Lucas held off most of the walkers while the Kendrick’s made a run for the truck. They had to fight their way through a handful of walkers and two runners before they were able to make their escape. As they raced away from the farm they could see the glow of the burning farmhouse and heard Lucas fire his final shot. When they reached Winterstown they could see that they would find no safety here. In Lucas’s absence the town had been overrun. Walkers were everywhere! With an almost full tank of gas and a 9mm with 8 shots left they just kept driving into the Dead of Night.
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